These two Valentine’s Day lessons are 100% relevant to you today.

Es que (the thing is) that in the Spanish-speaking world, Valentine’s Day is not just about romance but also friendship.

De hecho (in fact), it’s also known as el Día del Amor y la Amistad. (the Day of the Love and the Friendship.)

Y por eso (and because of that), the lessons give you more than just the usual romance side of Valentine’s Day.

They’ve got two great Spanish expressions you need in your daily Spanish repertoire. They are used a lot for starting a sentence, which makes your Spanish flow in the same way that native speakers talk.

The audios also get you using the pesky little Spanish pronoun “se.”

“Se” is always a bugbear for English speakers. However, the audios get you started speaking with one of the ways to
use se. It will make you sound more authentic to your Spanish-speaking amigos.

Get your two free Spanish audios here.

Get the audio transcript here.

Feliz Día del Amor y la Amistad.