Just a few days ago a potential customer sent me an email that stopped me in my tracks.

“By the way, I am not a young person, at 43 it’s not as easy to learn.”

It bothered me that someone so young would feel old already. 43 is not old to learn Spanish.

There 61 year olds graduating from medical school. And let me tell you learning Spanish is not in the same ballpark as becoming a doctor.

One of the testimonials from my course is from a man who is 96 years young. And I might even have students who beat him but they just haven’t let me know it yet.

Too many people write themselves off way too young. Here are few things people have done well after the age of 43.

John Dreelin ran with the bulls in Pamplona at 77.


Si, muy loco.

But I take my sombrero off to him for having the Huevos to run with the bulls. (Huevos is a Spanish word for eggs but they use it like we use the word that looks like bulls)

Sherman Bull climbed Mount Everest on May 25 2001. He was 64 years old.

Roger Allsop swam the English Channel at 70 years of age.

Fred Mack was 100 years old when he jumped out of an airplane. Yes he had a parachute and successfully landed.

Also 100 years old was Fauja Singh when he became the oldest person to run a marathon. He didn’t even take up marathons until he was 89.

So, even if you are 100, if you are reading this email and you are interested in Spanish don’t let your age hold you back.

At least for me I don’t plan to quit on experiencing life until I am 6 foot under. And what better way is there to experience life and another culture than with a new language.

The easiest first step is Synergy Spanish. You only need 138 words and you’ll be able to make as many as 88, 000 Spanish phrases.

Anyone at any age can learn to use 138 words. That’s all it takes to get your Spanish journey started.