Here’s a dictionary of some of the most deceptive expressions in Spanish.

It’s an extension of the original Spanish Beyond the Dictionary, dictionary.

It’s a dictionary of Spanish words and expressions I call Comprehension Killers.

Their meanings are deceptive. They can trick you. And that makes it hard when you’re trying to keep up with a Spanish conversation.

If you miss their meaning you have to play catch up in the conversation, which isn’t easy if Spanish is flying by fast.

I’ve been collecting these expressions for a while now. I started doing it to help me understand the Spanish I was hearing around me.

I always made a point of distinguishing between once in a blue moon expressions and the frequently used ones.

The ones in this dictionary are common. Yet, you can easily miss them. That is until I point them out to you. Then, you’ll start hearing them all over the place.

You’ll hear them on the streets, in the bars and cafes and all the time when Spanish speakers chat among themselves…

Yet, they are often left out of regular dictionaries and textbooks.

That’s why this tool is a handy addition to your repertoire. It’ll help you understand more of what people say to you.

It’s yours gratis on the link below.

Click here to Get Spanish Beyond the Dictionary Volume Two

If you missed the original Spanish Beyond The Dictionary, mini dictionary
It’s still available on this page:

Click here to Get Spanish Beyond the Dictionary Volume One

Remember these expressions are often invisible until someone points them out. Enjoy them, and have fun noticing how often they show up. They’ll help you understand more clearly what people say to you.


Marcus Santamaria