Common Spanish Expressions

Here’s a dictionary of some of the most deceptive expressions in Spanish.

It’s an extension of the original Spanish Beyond the Dictionary, dictionary.

It’s a dictionary of Spanish words and expressions I call Comprehension Killers.

Their meanings are deceptive. They can trick you. And that makes it hard when you’re trying to keep up with […]

64 more Spanish comprehension killers.

Here’s an extension of the Spanish Beyond the Dictionary, dictionary.

Even though you’ll hear these collocations on the streets, in the bars and cafes and all the time when Spanish speakers chat among themselves…

They can be invisible to non-native Spanish speakers.

That is until someone points them out. Then all of a sudden you start noticing […]

Life-Changing Spanish

Most of my students are over 40 and many in their 70s and 80s. So, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from this young man. He’s about to use his Spanish ability for a new adventure. Here’s Young Joseph’s story:

Hola Marcus

I have been a student of your Shortcut to Spanish courses, Synergy Spanish, the […]

A Great Idea

I have always wanted something like this to offer you, and now someone else has created it… and made it free.

Best of all, it’s a great tool for understanding more of what people say to you.

You know, having a good vocabulary goes a long way to understanding more Spanish, especially when your friends speak fast. […]

Faster Spanish Lesson Download

A faster way to download my Spanish lesson.

Some people mentioned that they had trouble downloading the Bonus Spanish Lesson. You may remember on the page we had MP3 players so you could play the Spanish lessons online.

Looks like those players slow down the download, so here’s some direct links that will […]

Free Spanish Lesson

Bonus Spanish Lesson

Sueños […]

Informal Spanish – sometimes even kids are addressed as usted.

Did I goof by saying that you speak to children with informal Spanish?

You may remember in my Synergy Spanish blog post, when to use Informal Spanish, I advised you to use informal Spanish when speaking to kids.

Well, it turns out that it’s not always the case, at least not […]

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