The many similitudes (similarities) between Spanish and English are due to Guillermo el Bastardo (William the Bastard).

Guillermo became better known for his deeds than his illegitimate birth after 1066AD. Since then, he’s been known as Guillermo el Conquistador(William the Conqueror).

His Norman invasion of Britain on October 14, 1066, saw French become the official language of schools and law courts. And the conquerors imposed the language on the conquered people.

It stayed that way for the next 300 years.

As a result, to this day, thousands of words from the French language are part of everyday English.

French and Spanish are both romance languages, so the left-over French words are a lot like Spanish words.

There are literally thousands of words that you, as an English speaker, will instantly recognize in Spanish. Por ejemplo:


The great thing about these Instant Spanish Words is that simple 
patterns let you change English words into Spanish.

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