I’ve got a new video for you today.

It’s always bothered me that most Spanish classes have no sequence.

Things just stand all alone.

That sucks!

It means that every day, you have to start all over again.

It feels like you are always at sea.

Yesterday the textbook had you studying ser vs. estar.

Today it wants you to conjugate verbs.

And tomorrow it will have you filling in blanks on the gender of adjectives.

But there’s no conversational connection between any of the lessons.

You’re just treading water, hoping you don’t drown.

What if language-learning was fun?

What if your ability to speak in flowing conversations grew every day?

What if each new day led to you being stimulated and excited about what you could do with your Spanish in the real world?

I’ve decided to throw the textbook at the bureaucrats, politicians and academics.

Here’s something better for you.

Feel the joy, enthusiasm and energy of adding to your Spanish every day.

Each of these lessons will give you a new everyday expression that adds to your repertoire and builds on the one before it.

Add your next useful, friendly, engaging Spanish phrase with this new video lesson.

Click here to download video version

Click here to download audio version.

It adds directly on to all the other lessons I’ve sent you. If you missed one of those two lessons, here they are again.

Useful, friendly, engaging Spanish phrases, part 1

Useful, friendly, engaging Spanish phrases, part 2

By the way, these lessons were created with my Synergy Spanish graduates in mind.

If you are still a raw beginner, it will easier for you to start with these free videos from Synergy Spanish.