I often get emails about the overwhelm of being in a foreign country without speaking the language, I know what it’s like. I experienced it for the first time at just 11 years of age.

It was distressing.

Some of my experiences were traumatic.

I’ll tell you about the metal-pole-attack in an email soon but there’s an important point for your Spanish to share today.

My first foreign experience was in Italy without a lick of Italian.

Even though I’d had 6 months of intensive lessons my teacher’s methods could never have led me to speaking Italian.

My dad had great intentions in sending me to those classes. He always thought about my future. The day I was born he opened a fund for my education.

When I was eleven years old he did some math and figured that the saving plan wouldn’t amount to enough to do anything. So, he decided to give me a real world education instead.

He used the money for Italian lessons and to send me to live in Italy.

The problem was that when I got to Italy, even after months of Intensive lessons, I couldn’t say a thing.

From the moment I stepped off the plane I was a deer in the headlights.

I could however conjugate the heck out of the Italian verb “To Be”.

Not that it helped me; I might as well have conjugated the Martian verb “To Be”.

If instead of making me fill in the gaps in the textbook my teacher had used the approach to verbs I’m about to show you it would have changed my life.

I would have got to Italy ready to start speaking.

This approach to verbs takes all the complexity out of verbs. You start using conjugated verbs in real flowing sentences in minutes.

If only my teacher had combined this step with the speak-to-learn system I would have got to Italy with Italian. It takes all the mystery out of verbs. They are no longer something dry and analytical dead on a page. Instead they come to life.

They are a tool for communicating and expressing more of what you want to say. And you can only do that freely when complexity disappears.

Click the play button below for a simple uncomplicated approach to saying more with Spanish verbs.

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