You can still speak Spanish in 2015.

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Speak Spanish in 2015 opportunity

Give my Bola de Nieve program a try and I’ll throw in the deluxe version of Synergy Spanish, a $97.00 value, absolutely free, with video, gratis.

Synergy Spanish is the easiest way to go from zero to getting by in Spanish. You only need 138 words to make as many as 88,000 Spanish phrases.

The video version is a $97 value free, just for giving Bola de Nieve a try.

Try it for 30 days at the regular price of $29.95. Speak with the videos and feel your confidence with Spanish grow.

Discover how the sequencing makes it easy to use more complex Spanish without ever feeling overwhelmed.

You will speak more freely every day and it always feels easy and natural.

Speak Spanish in 2015 opportunity

If at any time during these 30 days you’re not 100 percent fully convinced that Bola de Nieve plus Synergy Spanish is your solution to finally speaking Spanish, just send me an email and I’ll cancel your membership right away.

There will be nothing further to pay.

You can also cancel your membership at any time.

Follow this proven formula and soon you’ll engage people in Spanish whenever you want.

You can be the one who interprets for your friends.

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You’ll enjoy the looks on your friends’ faces when you speak Spanish with the locals.

You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of experiences to gain.

What does the rest of 2015 hold for you?

Speak Spanish in 2015 opportunity

When you take the short sequential steps in the videos, speaking Spanish suddenly becomes easily achievable at any age.

All you do is speak with the videos and your ability grows in logical steps.

Before you know it, you’re using all the pronouns, articles, and conjugations from the textbooks but without thinking about confusing labels. Instead you just speak real-life Spanish naturally, authentically and freely,

Take advantage of this opportunity to speak Spanish in 2015. It’s only available until Wednesday, February 4 at midnight.

Speak Spanish in 2015 opportunity