I’ve coach thousands of people to finally speak Spanish even when they had all but given up.

When they thought they were over the hill I’ve shown them that their age was irrelevant

Saying you can’t learn Spanish because of your age is like saying you cant learn Spanish because of your street number.

I borrowed that last bit about a street number from my favorite septuagenarian Billy Connolly. “ What he actually said was;

“You mustn’t act your age. It’s a crime. Acting you age is about as sensible as acting your street number. It’s got nothing to do with what you are. “

Hear, hear!

And I say why condemn yourself to a limiting belief about age. I’ve proven that time and again that my students can be successful at speaking Spanish into their 70s and 80s.

And it just got even easier. I’ve stumbled on a breakthrough that makes it even more possible to speak Spanish at any age.

It’s an audio-visual approach that makes Spanish doable at any age.

You can try it for yourself here:

New Spanish Audio-Visual Formula

Here are some of the comments I have received about this new video system:

I have studied Spanish for eight years in various settings–group, private, school–and this is the first time it made sense! Thanks for helping me “get it” at 74 – Cleo

I love your formats. I have learned more Spanish with you than i have in two years of college and way too many books. I’m 70 now. To be fluent before I die is on my bucket list!! I can’t thank you enough. – Barb

I love your course so far and I am beginning to think that even though I am 70 and just recently retired to Mexico I can still learn the language! – Marlow

Dear Marcus this is a wonderful help with Synergy Spanish many thanks
Muriel From Scotland age 79 years – Muriel

I found this video to be amazing. I was reading listening speaking and understanding. A million times better, than just Audio. Thank you for your amazing technique for learning Spanish. I am just as good if not better than people learning Spanish for 20 years. I am only learning for 4 years and I am now 72. I also have a much better accent. Kind Regards, Mary.

I am soon to be 74 years young. I am an American legally living in Havana and thanks to your course, I am speaking more español daily. Your course is the best I have ever encountered and I applaud you for your efforts in continuing to make improvements. – Frank

Excellent, this is what will definitely help me in my Spanish. Please continue with this format…it is well worth the learning process for someone in their mid 60’s. – Isabel

If you have tried to learn Spanish before but it didn’t work out they way you expected, why not give this a go,

New Spanish Audio-Visual Formula

You’ve got nothing to lose, you can try it free, and you’ve got the Spanish world to gain.

New Spanish Audio-Visual Formula