Spanish bucket List

‘What if you had to live the same day over and over again?’

That’s what happened to Bill Murray in the comedy classic Groundhog Day.

Some people’s lives are like that, and they don’t even realize it.
They say, “I have 25 years’ experience.”

Often 25 years’ experience is really just one year experienced 25 times over.
But that one year plays out the same way each year.

In the Movie, Bill Murray’s character lived not the same year, but the same day.

Every day he woke up stuck on Feb 2, reliving exactly the same day over and over again.

Hence the Spanish name for the movie, Atrapado En El Tiempo (“Trapped In Time”).

At first he was confused. Then he realized he could take advantage of the time loop. He seduced women, stole money and experienced a police chase.

But eventually it dawned on him that he was doomed to spend the rest of eternity in the same place, seeing the same people do the same thing every day.

I used to work in a language system just like that.

I was Bill Murray. I’d go to the schools where I taught English, and the teachers would start their classes in the same old, dull way:

“Turn you textbook to page 31.”

“Today’s lesson is on the pluperfect.”

“Fill in the blanks in the sentence.”

Then they’d write exams.

“Fill in the blanks in the sentence.” (Groundhog Day)

All the people who filled in 80% of the blanks correctly graduated (more Groundhog Day).

But I always felt dirty being a part of that system. That’s because the students would leave the college without being able to speak any English in the real world.

So, I broke out on my own and discovered a better way to learn and teach languages.

I haven’t looked back. I haven’t taught in a university for 8 years now, but I guarantee it’s still the same old Groundhog Day.

They’ll be teaching the same old grammar lessons. The administrators will still be more worried about paperwork than real life. And, of course, the results will be the same…

Exams passed, but nobody communicates in another language.

What a crock!

I’m so glad I’m no longer a part of it.

The good news is you can break free of the Groundhog Day.

You can take a fresh approach. You can acquire more real-life Spanish daily.
Each and every day you can become a better and better Spanish SPEAKER.

Not a better textbook-exercise-filler-inner.

You can become a better Spanish SPEAKER.

And it doesn’t take long for those days to mount up to something good.

In as little as 25 days you can get by in Spanish.

In a year, you can achieve great things. Check out what people like you have done with their Spanish.

Great Things with Spanish

Here’s a clip from Groundhog Day with Spanish subtitles. It’s a fun clip from a fun movie.