Here’s a good shortcut you can use to get things done in Spanish.

Did you know that Spanish has a complete tense for telling people what to do? It’s called the imperative.

I teach it in the advanced parts of my programs, but it complicates things for beginners. So it’s best left until later in your Spanish journey.

Fortunately, this shortcut is often better than the imperative. Especially for me–I don’t like to give orders. I prefer to make polite requests.

It just takes one word, puede, to get things done. It means, formally, can you?

You can combine puede with any other verb, like this:

Puede lavar el coche por favor?
Can you wash the car, please?

Puede limpiar la casa por favor?
Can you clean the house, please?

Puede planchar la ropa por favor?
Can you iron the clothes, please?

I added por favor for good manners.

By the way, if the person is young, you can change puede to the informal form, puedes.

Whether you tell domestic help what to do or you just need to get by in Spanish, puede is an essential word.

As for me, I live humbly but I do enjoy help with the chores. It frees up time to enjoy life.

This is a great advantage much of the Spanish-speaking world offers you. It brings within reach luxuries that normally would not be possible.

Cleaning, ironing and gardening done, plus eating out frequently and staying in luxury hotels becomes very affordable.

The barrier holding you back from this side of life is the language barrier.

Yet with the 3-Step Synergy verbs, Mortar Words and Brick verbs system in Synergy Spanish, you’ll be able to turn 138 words into as many as 88,000 phrases.

3-Step Spanish System

You still have more to do if you want to master the language. We can help you reach that goal if you want to go that far.

However, the first step is to get by in the language and to get things done. With Synergy Spanish, you can get there in as little as 25 days.

3-Step Spanish System