Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, I know it’s almost 4 months ago.

I’ve had the lesson from Valentine’s Day converted to our new Video format. And I thought I’d sent it to you now rather than wait until next year.

I made them for Valentine’s Day but there’s plenty of Spanish you can use any day of the year.

They’ve got two great Spanish expressions you’ll use in your daily Spanish repertoire.

Once you know them, you’ll find yourself using them to start a sentence. They help your Spanish flow in the same way native speakers talk among themselves.

It also uses the Synergy verb, Brick verb and Mortar Word patterns from Synergy Spanish.

If you haven’t done that course, you’ll still get a lot from this lesson. And if you’re a Synergy Spanish graduate, you’ll see just how easy it is to talk about any theme you want with the patterns you already know.

The audios also get you using the pesky little Spanish pronoun “se.”

“Se” can be a bother to English speakers. However, the audios get you started speaking with one of the ways to use “se” right away.

Plus, it’ll make your Spanish sound authentic and natural to your Spanish-speaking amigos.