I’m feeling full of life energy.

Comments on my blog prove your chronological age isn’t the same as your biological age.

There’s plenty to look forward to in my 50s, 60s 70s and even 80s.

Here are some of the comments.

Re getting old I am knocking the 84. There’s a lot still out there. I have not given up yet.

I learnt to fly @ 63 and had ten years of it, scuba caving, motorcycle racing, rock climbing, cycling sailing (ocean master).

The languages German Portuguese and now Spanish with you kind sir the best teacher on the planet I am going great, off to Spain shortly maybe bungee jumping, but will have to think about that one! Keep the brain in gear and learn with Marcus he’s a star you can’t fail. Eddie Grant.

Thought we might be twins when I first read this email but my birthday is the 24th and almost twice your age (88).

Spent today swimming with manatees in Fla., SCUBA dived in Belize in Dec. and expect many more adventures. You have a long way to go! FELIZ CUMPLIANOS. Jane

Hola Marcus, first of all Feliz cumpleaños, thank you so much for your good, easygoing course in Spanish.

I am 74 years old I have been trying to learn Spanish for the last seven years from different courses and I built quite good amount of vocabulary but could not master the right way to use them, but now with your good method I am happy to say that it’s working nicely!

We spend two to three months every year in south of Spain, so I am going to practice my new knowledge soon, as I have just joined the Bola de Nieve course , thank you, Haidar Madi

Life certainly doesn’t stop at 50 or any age. Maybe it begins at 80 today because everyone lives longer and more fully these days.

If you’re like me and you yearn for travel and adventure then Spanish will make your life and experiences richer.

Synergy Spanish level 1

Synergy Spanish level 2