Back in 2000, when I was 35, I promised myself I would get by in Spanish antes de cumplir 36 años(before turning 36 years old).

After trying classes, textbooks and courses I still wasn’t able to keep that promise to myself.

If only Synergy Spanish was available back then keeping my promise would have been easy.

Synergy Spanish

5 years earlier I made another promise for when I turned fifty.

The future has arrived y tengo que cumplir mi promesa(and I have to keep my promise).

En aquel entonces(back then) this day seemed so far in the future that would never come.

Pero ha llegado, acabo de cumplir 50 años.
But it has arrived. I just turned 50 years old.


Hay caramba it sure has come around quickly.

I’m excited though.

I’ve got some great plans for the next decade. The first cab off the rank is a doozy.

A trip to Sydney para cumplir mi palabra(in order to keep my word) with my two great friends.

An off the cuff idea 20 years ago has given me and my two mates(that’s the Aussie for amigos) an opportunity for a wonderful life experience.

Just before my 30th birthday we made a pact that between the first and last of our 50th birthdays, wherever we were in the world, we would get together for a reunion.

Not only are we getting together I’ve come up with a killer idea for me y los muchachos(and the boys).

In my next email I’ll tell you about it. I reckon it’ll get your juices flowing the way it does mine.

Plus, I’ll tie it to an easy Spanish sentence starter any English speaker can use right away to speak more conversationally.

I promise!

And I am definitely in the mood to cumplir mis promesas.

Yes, cumplir is my word of the moment.

I am keeping a promise and turning 50, and in Spanish the verb cumplir is used for to keep a promise and to have a birthday.

Acabo de cumplir 50 años.
I just turned 50 years old.

Tengo que cumplir mi promesa.
I have to keep my promise.

The subtleties of Spanish with words like cumplir has inspired me to create a new concept called “Synergy Spanish Conversation Connections.”

The first episode makes it easy to use cumplir just like a native Spanish speaker.

And the next video, which I’ll send you en unos pocos días(in a few days), you’ll use an easy language pattern that lets you…

Tell your amigos what you are about to do.

This Spanish language pattern is so natural for English speakers to use you’ll be able to speak with it instantly.

Even if you are a raw beginner the speak-to-learn video system has you saying it all in flowing sentences.

I’ll send it shortly

Hasta entonces(until then)