We just finished the 3rd en la trilogía (in the trilogy) of big 5-0 speak-to-learn Spanish videos.

If you missed the first it’s here:

And the second is here:

If you’ve ever looked at a Spanish verb chart and said “o dios mío” (Oh my god), you’ll love this video.

It gets you using conjugated Spanish verbs without estrés, fatiga o complicación (stress, fatigue or complication.)

Al contrarío (on the contrary) you’ll enjoy un método simple y fácil de hacer (a simple and easy-to-do method).

Just speak to learn and embed Spanish language patterns into your daily Spanish repertoire. Even irregular verbs become natural and easy.

If you just want to speak more Spanish with in the cafes plazas and with you amigos you’ll love this video.

Click here to download the video.

Click here to download the audio.