With Synergy Spanish, all you need is 138 words and a simple three-step pattern and you can make as many as 88,000 Spanish phrases.

For a limited time you get both the visual and audio combination of Synergy Spanish during my Independence in Spanish special.

And with the video added to the audio, it makes Spanish doable for anyone at any age.

Unlike all the Spanish textbooks that bog you down in reading analysis and grammar, you will start speaking Spanish within nine minutes.

Celebrate the Independence Day of 7 Spanish speaking countries between September 15-18 with me by learning to speak Spanish quickly and easily, even if other courses have failed.

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Speaking Spanish will bring new independence to your life.

Freedom to visit new places.

To build lifelong friendships.

Your mind will open up in ways that make you feel energized and more alive than ever.

You’ll experience connections with your fellow man that’ll make your life sparkle.

You’ll meet people that you never could have met without Spanish.

And if you’re like me, meeting those wonderful people could change your life and your worldview forever.

The first step has never been easier.

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