I just want to check in one last time because I don’t want you to miss this free video.

Free Spanish video

It’s getting rave reviews on my blog.

“I find your lessons superb and they help me to speak to the Spanish people in Rojales Spain, my holiday village.”

“Your lessons are fantastic and make quick progress easy and enjoyable. I feel so motivated by them.”

“This excites me! It’s as if I m actually speaking with someone.”

“Helps you think in Spanish – always good towards building confidence when speaking Spanish in Spain.”

“Your lessons are the only lessons that actually help me learn Spanish.”

“Marcus, I think that you’re a %&$#?@! genius.”

“I have been feeling that I am going backwards in my Spanish, so I was in need of this confidence boost. It gave it to me in spades…as an 80 year old setting forth soon to Spain I am sure that I will be able to handle it quite well.”

“I have found your first lesson very helpful. De hecho… my friends say that my diction is perfect.”

I don’t want you to miss the benefits to your Spanish.

There is a lot to gain from these videos:

• You speak Spanish in the past tense.

• At the end you’ll understand a full, flowing Spanish monologue.

• You also speak about the recent past.

• You speak about the future too.

Even if you’re a novice at Spanish, you’ll still be able to do all the above.

And the lesson is short.

It’s fun, easy and fast.

In just 10 minutes of speaking to learn instead of learning to speak, you’ll be off to the races.

And even if el fútbol isn’t your thing, you can still use the structure to speak about many different day-to-day Spanish topics.

Free Spanish video

Why do I keep nudging you towards this free Spanish lesson?

Because thousand of my students have shared with me how exciting it is once you start putting Spanish together in flowing sentences like you’ll see on this video.

Free Spanish video