I love Mexican food.

Not the Tex-Mex sludge that you usually find around the world. I’m talking about the real deal.

One of my favorite dishes is Chile en Nogada. It’s delicious to eat, but a lot of work to prepare.

According to mi amigo Fernando, who loves to cook, the sauce includes peeled walnuts.

He loves to cook but he doesn’t even try to cook Chile en Nogada. Can you imagine peeling walnuts?

Fernando jokingly describes it as being like one of those Catholics who whip themselves as a form of penance.

I was in Melbourne, Australia, recently. A Mexican restaurant called Mamasita has become a sensation in the city. They don’t take bookings and people line up in the cold for hours just to get in.

Fortunately for us, we like to eat at the Mexican mealtime of around 3 o’clock. So at that hour, we were seated right away.

We made our Mexico connection known and the owner sat with us and chatted about Mexican cuisine for a good half hour.

I had to ask, “When you make Chile en Nogada, do you peel walnuts?”

The owner said, “Por supuesto que no (of course not). With the high wages in Australia, that would make it like eating Russian caviar.”

The owner gave us his version of Chile en Nogada on the house. I have to say, it was just as good as anything I had in Mexico.

So why peel walnuts?


If you’re into penance, I can help you punish yourself.

Big ugly Spanish verb chart PDF.

Here’s an easier way: no peeling walnuts, no self-harm, no penance. And it works even better than that big ugly Spanish verb chart.

Free Audio – Sideways Spanish Makes Spanish Verbs Easy.


Marcus Santamaria