These 3 levels of free audios show you how simple it is to speak Spanish.

El Mundial (the World Cup) inspired me to create them for you.

Choose a link below and discover how easy it is to speak beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish can be for you.

Beginner Spanish Audio

Intermediate Spanish Audio

All New Advanced Spanish Audio (Advanced Spanish Structures in a format that’s simple to use for everyone)

Each of the 3 audios uses a simple speaking system. You speak to learn instead of learning to speak.

The first uses everyday speaking patterns that even a raw novice can use right away to speak real Spanish.

The second level gives you some everyday expressions to use with your amigos. Plus, they have you speaking about the past, recent past and future so you can add extra clarity and depth to your Spanish conversations.

You’ll sound impressive and your amigos will be amazed by what comes out of your mouth.

Pero no te preocupes. (But don’t be worried.) Still, it’s always simple to follow, non-academic and very conversational.

The third level moves in and out of different verb tenses.

Sound complicated?

¡Ni pensarlo! (Don’t even think of it!)

Complication is a barrier to speaking. I always avoid it. You should avoid it too.

Even with advanced Spanish, the speak-to-learn system always makes Spanish simple, engaging and fun. Yet, you’ll speak with a high level of expertise that’ll improve how you communicate in the language.

I’ve had fun creating these. Espero que te gusten y te sirvan. (I hope you might like them and they be useful to you.)

That was a literal translation of the Spanish.

What I am saying is…

“It’ll be cool if you like them and they help you out.”

Let me know by leaving me a comment.