Here is anther free Spanish lesson in celebration of el Mundial (The World Cup)

When I was writing the script for this lesson, I was tempted to write Brazil into the story as finalists. Am I glad I thought better of that!

I just watched them get thumped 7-1 by Germany.

Anyway, this lesson’s bigger purpose is to give you Spanish you can use in the real world anytime. That’s why you’ll learn useful everyday language.

It follows on from the Gol 101 audios on this blog post:

Here’s some of the vocabulary for today’s audio:

No era justo it wasn’t fair
Llevaba he used to wear
Durante during
Dijo he said
Me dijo he said to me
Siempre always
Todo el mundo everyone (Literally, “all the world”)
La camiseta amarilla the yellow t-shirt

This is an advanced lesson that moves in and out of different verb tenses.

Sound complicated?

¡No te preocupes! (Don’t be worried!)

You’ll be surprised to discover how well you can speak with advanced Spanish structures.

Click the play arrow below and see how you do.


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