Let me tell you about my Mexican houses.

I’ve been told I have houses from Baja California to Acapulco and from Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula to Mexico City. I have been told I have houses everywhere in Mexico

If only they were really mine…

My wife has friends all over Mexico and each time we visit they keep telling me:

“Estás en tu casa.”
You are in your house.

I am sure you have heard the expression mi casa es tu casa. (My house is your house.)

Estás en tu casa is similar. Although it literally means you are in your house, it’s a friendly way to say “make yourself at home.”

They’re telling me to make myself at home but they definitely didn’t put me on the deed.

Sometimes words don’t mean exactly how they sound. If all you have done is study textbook Spanish it’s easy to get confused by the multitude of phrases just like this. That’s why you need to check out Spanish Beyond the Textbook.

Es pagado por la casa… (it’s on the house)

Spanish Beyond the Textbook is jam packed full of expression just like “estás en tu casa” that could easily cause confusion in a normal Spanish conversation…

Don’t even get me started when Maylo told me, “eres muy cabrón”…

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