This simple system gave me a huge Spanish vocabulary in just a few short months.

There are two parts to this system.

Part 1 is mnemonics. If you missed my email on mnemonics I have posted it on my blog for you:

The second part is flashcards.

I told you it was a simple system but it’s the combination of two ideas that makes this so powerful.

Here’s what I did.

I would write English on one side of the card and the Spanish translation on the other. Under the English I would write a mnemonic.

Simple but it had a profound impact.

I knew it was working well when I was teaching at the Universidad Iberoamericana. My advanced students were close to bilingual. Their ability in English was way ahead of my Spanish. Yet, they always asked me for translations.

Almost every time I could give them the answer instantly. I had a better second language vocabulary than anyone I knew.

My massive vocabulary came directly from this mnemonic flashcard system.

You can try if for yourself here.

Mnemonic Flashcards 1-4

On that page there are 25 mnemonic flashcards for you.

They’ll make it easy for you to add 25 words to your Spanish vocabulary today.

The payoff I got for having a great vocabulary was reading and understanding Spanish faster than anyone I knew.

It has a huge impact on your success with Spanish.

However, if you learn the wrong kinds of words you can waste a lot of time. Over the next few days look for the email subject line, “The most important Spanish words.” It’ll tell you exactly which words give you the biggest bang for your buck.