Here is a unique little trick you can use right away to speak authentic Spanish.

Any time you want to express the idea “I am a/an…” in Spanish you can use soy, for example:

Soy australiano
I am an Australian

Soy profesor de español
I am a Spanish teacher

Soy católico
I am a catholic

Soy padre de dos hijos
I am a father of two children

Soy fanático del fútbol
I am a football fan

Soy fanático del salud
I am a health nut (fanatic)

No soy mexicano pero espero que México gane la Copa de América.
I am not Mexican but I hope that México will win the Copa de America.

Why not use it just like you would in a real-life conversation with your amigos?

It’s part of the conversation in the second free video in my all-new series “Spanish—passion, unity and friendship.”

You can speak-to-learn with this unique little trick right now with the video below.

By the way, if you missed the first lesson it’s on the link below:

Spanish passion, unity and friendship.

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