If you turn Spanish sideways it turns everything about learning upside down.

You don’t have to feel intimidated by all the linguistic jargon anymore. And forget the enthusiasm killing analysis paralysis.

Instead, I’ll show you how by turning Spanish sideways you start speaking in minutes. And by using the language you learn fast.

By the way, if you’re wondering what I mean by Sideways Spanish, I explain the concept on this page. You’ll also find an audio that shows you how to use it, about half way down that page.

Once that first step is under your belt, it’s time for Sideways Spanish dos.

In this step instead of intimidating terminology like STEM CHANGING VERBS, RADICALLY CHANGING VERBS AND IRREGULAR VERBS.
We’ll just turn the verb chart sideways.

We’ll focus on one pattern and speak more Spanish. Verbs that were enemigos suddenly become your amigos, ready to help you say more with your Spanish.

Go go go and speak some Spanish now with the video & audio below:




Getting BySideways for FluencySideways for Mastery

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