You know it’s really hard to stay on a track when creating a Spanish course

There’s always a niggling little voice…

I remember when I created Synergy Spanish… I always heard the voice of a language coordinator that I worked with ringing in my head.

She was a grammar fanatic and as I was writing the course I would imagine her saying,

“But you haven’t taught the subjunctive yet.”


“What about the past perfect? You have to teach the past perfect.”

Fortunately, I fought off those imaginary voices, and was able to follow my instincts and create the course that I knew was the best path.

The feedback has been beyond my wildest dreams.

You know… I’ve been delighted to notice something in common with many of the success stories. They come from people living in, traveling to or interacting frequently in Spanish speaking communities.

Many others come from people using their new found skills with Spanish speaking friends, workers or relatives.

You’d think after all those great comments, I’d be more confident and just go full blast ahead…

But the doubts creep in and I hear voices… (Should I really admit that?)

Again, with the follow up to Synergy Spanish I have the similar voices…

This time they arrive in emails…

Will you be teaching the subjunctive?

What about por vs para ser vs estar?

Then I start second guessing myself, “well maybe I could sneak a lesson on subjunctive in here, or a por vs para there.”

But it just doesn’t feel right…

That’s because the timing isn’t right for you.

You see the way Spanish is usually taught is really well…STUPID

The sequence of learning has nothing to do with how your mind actually works.

Just because a student is in second year Spanish, she’s supposed to learn the subjunctive and the imperfect tense or some other grammatical label. It doesn’t matter that the student can’t string a simple sentence together. Let alone have anything resembling a conversation.

What’s the point of learning these new LABELS, if you haven’t mastered the structures that allow you to communicate?

Fortunately, in Bola de Nieve we are not bound by constraints of a curriculum that mostly fails in teaching anything useful…

We are free to beat a new path.

And the mandate for that path is a very simple one…

Teach in the order that allows you to communicate the most.

That way, you’ll make more friends, do more business, and communicate better with workers, patients and clients…

If you like, you can travel in a completely different and much more enriching way. You’ll go places others don’t (dare) go and meet the people where they really live and experience the true culture.

And best off all, you’ll mix even more freely with Spanish speakers.

So, if you are looking for the typical grammatical sequence…Bola de Nieve may not be for you.

That’s ok,

We only have limited positions.

All the better if those positions go to the people who resonate most with this style of learning.

For those of you who do find this style of learning is for you… I can’t wait to hear what you do, once you roll this Bola de Nieve.

By the way, I’m still not sure of the new release date… I apologize for the delay, it won’t be much longer.

Marcus Santamaria