The Spanish Didnt Conquer Mexico
Who conquered Mexico?

I’ve discovered it wasn’t the Spanish.

Have I been drinking a coco loco? (Coconut water with tequila)

Here’s un punto de vista diferente de la historia (a different point of view of the history).

Elena’s dad, Roman, always used to tell me, Los españoles no conquistaron México.

Then who did conquer Mexico?

A coalition.

The imperial Aztecs violently dominated and brutalized their neighbors. When offered the chance to form a coalition headed by the Spanish to overthrow the Aztecs, the neighboring peoples jumped at the chance.

Payback time.

The coalition had thousands of European soldiers, but it also had ten times as many indigenous warriors from the Tlaxcalatec, Tezcoco, and Matlatzinca groups as well as many other peoples.

The majority of the army that wiped out Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) was made up of indigenous warriors.

So, as my father-in-law used to say, it was the Mexicans who conquered Mexico.

To round off his refrain, he would also add, “The independence was won by the Spanish.”

Again, there is un punto de vista diferente de la historia (a different point of view of the history).

The sons of Spaniards born in the New World didn’t have the same status as those born in Spain. It was these second-class Spaniards who instigated the War of Independence.

And this completes Roman’s expression.

It was los mexicanos who conquered Mexico, and los españoles won the independence.

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