With your order of Synergy Spanish you receive the following
  • New Interactive Audio-Visual Lessons – The 68 videos in this breakthrough format make speaking Spanish doable for everyone at every age. Now you can bust through any barriers that have stopped you in the past and finally enjoy the world as a Spanish speaker.
  • Fast Start Guide – The “Synergy Spanish” Action Guide shows you how to use the power of patterns to start speaking Spanish right away. If you’ve tried to learn Spanish before and it didn’t work out for you, this time you’ll find it very different. The Action Guide makes it easy for you to “put Spanish together” in sentences that your Spanish speaking friends will understand you right away…
  • 68 Audio Lessons – These audio lessons take the Spanish you learn in the action guide to another level, this is where your Spanish really starts to flow… Even though these lessons are fast to learn, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can say with a handful of easily learned patterns.Each lesson is around 10 minutes. Play the lessons on your computer, download them to your iPod or MP3 payer, or burn them onto CD to use in your car. Practice speaking Spanish clearly in real sentences that’ll be understood wherever you go in the
    Spanish-speaking world.
  • 90-Day Email Support – I’m in your corner, you can’t go wrong, I’m your personal Spanish coach. If you have any trouble at all, just send me an email, I will make sure you keep progressing until you can communicate in Spanish.
A bargain any way you look at it.
If you’re at all undecided about “Synergy Spanish”, just take advantage of my guarantee. Buy it, download it, review it… if you don’t like it, just ask for your money back within 60 days. I won’t be upset, that’s what the guarantee is for.