I had a question come in recently.

I’m interested in downloading one of your courses, but I’m a little unclear about how to choose between Synergy Spanish and Shortcut to Spanish.

My reading/writing skills could probably be described as low-level intermediate, but my verbal comprehension skills are awful.

What is your suggestion?

Like Cathy, you might be at the low intermediate level. Or you could be a brand new beginner who is just getting started with Spanish for the very first time.

The two programs Cathy mentioned are designed to help you easily get your point across in Spanish.

They are two separate courses that make Spanish easy to learn and easy to use for effective communication right away.

So, which one should you choose?

For people just getting started who want to have fun speaking Spanish quickly, I’d recommend Synergy Spanish.

It shows you how to combine 138 Spanish words to make thousands of Spanish sentences.

With just a handful of words and some simple patterns you can express an incredible amount in Spanish.

Shortcut to Spanish shows you how to use 3145 Spanish words that you didn’t know you already knew.

Thousand of Spanish and English words have the same Latin roots. Once you recognize them you’ll know over 3000 words.

Knowing these words is a great boost to your understanding of what Spanish speakers are saying to you.

If you’re serious about learning Spanish quickly, I’d recommend both.

If you’d like to jumpstart you’re Spanish speaking I have a special deal prepared for you on this page only.


If you are committed to Spanish and have the time and energy to continually improve you will want to own both these courses.

But really you can’t make a wrong choice. They are both proven to get you started speaking Spanish quickly because we don’t waste
time on inconsequential grammar, pointless exercises or textbook Spanish.