In my last article we talked about the Seinfeld method of productivity for Spanish.

If you missed that article, it’s on the link below. You’ll want to read it to understand today’s tip.

Seinfeld’s Spanish System

There’s a small twist that makes Jerry’s system even better.

I’ve used this method to lose 24 pounds, get myself as physically fit as most guys half my age (I’m pushing 50), and get rid of a creeping bad habit.

This small change makes Jerry’s system more doable.

The difference is a slight loosening in your level of commitment that makes it sustainable. Plus, it’s more fun and more motivating.

You still mark the calendar every day you complete your task, but you are allowed to miss a day.

The challenge you must commit to is to “Never Miss Twice.”

You’re allowed a day off.

That’s realistic.

We all need a rest day. Even the Big Man rested on the seventh day.

Your commitment is to “Never Miss Twice.”

All last year I did it with exercise, and now I am in phenomenal condition.

I did it with nutrition too.

If I have an indulgent day, the next day I make sure I eat healthy. I never miss my healthy diet two days in a row.

I was becoming “pudgy,” and now I am at my ideal weight.

I also do it with alcohol.

No! I don’t mean that I drink alcohol every day.

What I mean is… if I have a drink, then the next day I don’t.

I still enjoy a steak and red wine, but not every day.

The “Never Miss Twice” idea changed my life.

My blood pressure is good, my weight is spot on and I’m as fit as ever.

If you dedicate just 10-20 minutes a day to speak Spanish with the videos and “Never Miss Twice,” you can become a Spanish speaker.

It’s as simple as that.

Nothing can stop you.

There are three free sequential videos to get you started, available on the link below.

Click Here for a Surefire Way to Speak Spanish with 3 Free Spanish Videos lessons