Have you ever felt like banging your head and saying “dumb, dumb, dumb”?

That is how I have felt lately.

I had a breakthrough that has sent my personal productivity through the roof. If only I had realized it earlier, I would be so much more successful now.

If you use it you’ll become a fluent speaker of Spanish in half the time.

I used to sit down for days on end just to finish one Action Guide for my Spanish courses.

When I’d finish one, I’d be so burned out I couldn’t face the next one for weeks. That meant some of my courses have taken years to finish.

Gracias a Dios, (thank God) I figured out a better way.

Here’s the strange breakthrough…

All I do is set aside a little time every day for writing. Then, when that time is up, I stop. Even if I really want to keep going, I force myself to stop.

If I am on a roll, I still make myself quit.

Even if I love it and I’m in a state of flow, I end the session.

That’s the breakthrough. Yes, the breakthrough is stopping before you are done.


Maybe, but the results in my life have been staggering.

The next day I can’t wait to get started again. My writing is flowing like a river. Writers block almost never happens. I am enjoying it and feel in a state of flow. When I finish, I feel energized.

It’s funny how the solutions to life’s problems are often so simple.

I challenge you to apply the same principle to learning Spanish.

Decide on how long you’ll spend each day on your Spanish. You want an amount of time that leaves you feeling fresh. A time frame where you feel energized.

If you feel tired, it’s too long. You want to finish feeling thrilled and excited about the language.

Once you have figured out the period, schedule that time each day.

By the way, it could be that you have two very small sessions of 10 – 20 minutes a day. Perhaps it will be to and from work, if you have a commute.

The important thing is to figure out how much time leaves you feeling energized, enthusiastic and enjoying yourself.

The other part is to do it everyday.

Do this right and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the time you spend with Spanish.

Give it a shot, I promise you the results will be staggering.

Synergy Spanish is perfect for this as all the audios range from 5-15 minutes in length.

Each one is long enough to get you speaking the language, but non-of them are so long that they’ll wear you out.

I am so confident this will get you speaking Spanish that I’ll make you the boldest guarantee of any Spanish course anywhere. Click below for details: