I recently had a profound learning experience.

It turned my thinking upside down on a subject I have dedicated myself to for years.

It also made me throw out much of what took me years to acquire. I’ve even questioned many things I held to be true.

It was so challenging and confronting that one girl cried nearly all of the first day.

The class was on self-protection and some of the moves were brutal. For example, groin strikes and eye gouges.

Horrible stuff, but highly effective if used in a life-and-death situation.

The instructor made a distinction that rang true. He talked about how effectiveness beats efficiency.

It reminded me of a humorous scene in Indiana Jones.

Indiana finds himself facing a guy with a sword. The guy swishes it around in an impressive display of swordsmanship.

Surely Indiana is gone here.

But Indiana just rolls his eyes, pulls out a pistol and shoots the guy.

The guy with the sword was efficient, but Indiana was effective.

Effectiveness trumps efficiency.

In karate we learned to do things very efficiently. We’d spend hours, weeks and months performing katas to millimeter precision.

I now question how effective any of it would be if a psycho attacked me.

I am convinced my weekend of learning effective self-protection would trump all my years of efficient karate.

You might be doing the equivalent of katas in a Spanish class.

The typical drills where you fill in gaps in sentences, or you study the 7 ways to use por and the 5 ways to use para

You’ll come away muy eficiente en los exámenes, pero muy ineficiente en una situación de la vida real. (Very efficient in the exams but very inefficient in a real life situation.)

If you spend a fraction of the energy you’ve put into being efficient at theory and use that same energy on what’s effective for getting by, you could save yourself years.

The most efficient way for you to get by is to learn the Spanish patterns that are easily absorbed and natural for English speakers to use.

That way you can get real world results by next week instead of next year.

You can use those easy patterns to take 138 words and make as many as 88,000 Spanish phrases.

This effective path is laid out for you in easy steps in Synergy Spanish.

Start here for Survival Spanish.

Interestingly, in Spanish to say to get by in Spanish you say defenderse en Español. (Defend yourself in Spanish.)

Si quiere defenderse en Español y le gustaría hablar con sus amigos cuanto antes, solo necesita ir a synergyspanish.com.

If you want to get by in Spanish and you would like to speak with your amigos as soon as possible you just need to go to synergyspanish.com.

All the words and patterns I used in the sentence above are in Synergy Spanish except for the new word I just taught you, defenderse.

That’s how effective the system is; everything new you learn or anything you already know just plugs right in to say even more with your Spanish.

Here’s more Synergy Spanish:

Puede aprender a defenderse en Español muy pronto, si lo desea.
You can learn to get by in Spanish very soon if you wish.

Defenderse en Español ahora: Get by in Spanish now.

It’s so effective you can twist the language and find ways to get your point across like this:

Tengo que irme ahora porque voy a cenar esta noche con mi papá.
I have to get going now because I am going to have dinner tonight with my dad.

It’s true, I am writing this on my dad’s birthday.

Vamos a comer pasta porque a mi papá le gusta la pasta.
We are going to eat pasta because my dad likes the pasta.

Y a mí también me encanta la pasta.
And me too, I love the pasta.

All the above could roll off your tongue in just a few days once you learn the Synergy Spanish system.

It’s the most effective way I know to defenderse en Español. (Get by in Spanish)

Defenderse en Español ahora: Get by in Spanish now.