This secret makes your Spanish flow even if you’ve had trouble before.

I call it Mortar Words.

Mortar Words keep the bricks in place and make your Spanish construction solid and firm. They hold your Spanish together like glue.

They are easy, they are frequent and they are vital.

Let’s see how they work.

We’ll start with the Spanish for I go out, salgo.

And add a few examples of Spanish Mortar words

Con = with
Mucho = a lot
Aquí = here
A veces = sometimes

Let’s see how much more meaning your Spanish has when you know how to add these simple little Mortar Words.

Salgo con mis amigos.
I go out with my friends.

No salgo mucho.
I don’t go out much.

Salgo con una Española.
I go out with a Spanish. (woman)

No salgo aquí .
I don’t go out here.

A veces salgo con mi familia.
Sometimes I go out with my family.

See how by adding just 4 Mortar Words you can make sentences with a lot of meaning.

By the way, my blog post, turn Spanish learning upside down, shows you how to use Mortar Words and the Sideways Approach to speak Spanish within 5 minutes.

Let’s use the same 4 Mortar Words this time with – tengo – I have.

No Tengo familia aquí.
I don’t have family here.

Tengo muchos amigos con casas en España.
I have many friends with houses in Spain.

Tengo mucha familia en México.
I have a lot of family in Mexico.

A veces tengo problemas con el español.
Sometimes I have problems with the Spanish.

Do you see how Mortar Words help you say a lot…with a little?

Understand how to use Mortar Words and you can twist and combine the language to say whatever you want to say.

In fact with just 54 little Mortar Words and a handful of Synergy and Brick Verbs you can make 88,000 Spanish phrases. My Synergy Spanish course shows you how to glue it all together and make your Spanish flow.

Synergy Spanish is the launching pad. Then once you understand basic Spanish and can already get by, Bola de Nieve is the next step. It’s an easy system that combines the Sideways Approach mixed with Mortar Words, Collocations, Synergy Patterns and more to give you the gift of Speaking Spanish.

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