In the Spanish-speaking world today is 11/12/13.

What a cool date.

De hecho es lo mismo (Actually it’s the same thing) for Aussies like me, and Brits too.

For us, just like in the Spanish-speaking world, day/month/year is the usual order.

But in the USA, it’s month/day/year. Today is 12/11/13, not nearly as much fun.

11/12/13 is much more interesting.

So, on the unique date, 11/12/13, I have for you a unique 14-minute video, gratis.

The video overcomes one of the biggest hurdles to speaking Spanish…

Using Spanish verbs.

Yet, the solution is so simple it’s loco. You’ll find that answer on this video:

No te preocupes (don’t worry) it’s not a theoretical solution. It’s practical and applicable right away. De hecho (in fact), within the 14 minutes you’ll speak Spanish in flowing sentences.

Plus, it’s an ideal approach for English speakers.

If you have ever been confused by the textbook way of handling Spanish verbs you’ll find this method a relief.

And if you are on the smart side of 45 like me, you’ll enjoy how this interactive approach energizes your mind.

Have fun!

Es cortesía de la casa (it’s on the house).

Feel free to let me know what you think on the comments section right under the video.

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