Have you ever seen a memory expert remember the name of everyone in the audience?

I’ll show you the technique they use.

And you can use the same principle to expand your memory at any age.

Take a look at these abbreviations.


Now imagine this vividly:

An FBI agent in a black suit and goes to the president of the USA.

The FBI agent tells the president of the USA about a UFO in the UK.

The UFO in the UK has landed in Buckingham Palace and abducted all the kids from London.

UNICEF stepped in and it’s been all over the evening NEWS.

Run through that silly story again this time turning up the visual imagery in your mind.

Look at the list of abbreviations again.


Close your eyes and remember the story.

Can you remember the sequence of the abbreviations?

If you engage with and imagine the story with enough intensity, you will remember the sequence.


If you didn’t recall them all, no hay problema (no problem). This is as much a skill as a talent.

That means it can be developed.

If you got some of the sequence right you are on track to firing up your imagination.

And if we can start to reignite the creative side of your brain.

It’ll be well worth it.

It’s not a gift the memory experts were born with; it is vigorous use of imagination that gives them the power.

And it’s not just memory experts who use their imagination. None other than Albert Einstein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

And I’ll tell you who else is great at imagination.


Kids are great at imagining and they are great at picking up languages.

Yet imagination is not a concept talked about in your Spanish textbook.

Imagination and the Spanish textbook are tan diferente como la noche y el día (as different as night and day).

The textbooks confuse you with verb conjugations, grammar, and language theory.

That’s a language killer trifecta of dry, dull, and boring.

Instead, let’s go for the mind-expanding trio of invigorating, stimulating, and engaging.

And fun.

Here’s how to learn Spanish faster using the secrets of the memory experts.

It’s a technique called mnemonics.

I’ll tell you all about mnemonics tomorrow.


If you can’t wait till tomorrow, you can use more mnemonics right away with the Shortcut to Spanish Action Guide. The first
mnemonics are in the very first lesson in chapter 1, on page 1.