Mnemonics put the power of your imagination into learning.

Mnemonics plug your imagination into learning overdrive.

Mnemonics access your right brain. The right brain is creative, imaginative, fluid, and much better at fast learning.

Here’s how mnemonics work.

Mnemonics make a link between the English and the Spanish word that you want to learn. For example:

The Spanish word for bread is pan.

Imagine yourself cooking bread in a pan. Really use your imagination and see yourself in your mind cooking a whole loaf of bread in the pan. The crazier it looks, the better.

By creating a picture in your mind and using your imagination, you access the right brain. Plus, you have a link between the English word bread and the Spanish word for bread, pan.

Here’s some mnemonics you can use right now.

Let’s start with my all-time favourite. The Spanish word for pool is piscina. Imagine a kid always piss in a pool.

Gross, I know, but the more vivid, the better you’ll remember it.

I won’t insist that you vividly imagine the piss in a pool, though.

Adelante (onward)

The Spanish word for beach is playa. This one is nice and wholesome; just imagine you are happy to play at the beach.

And why wouldn’t you be happy to play on the beach? Without that kid around, la playa is cleaner than the la piscina.

The Spanish word for girl is chica. It’s pronounced cheeka.

Imagine a beautiful girl gives you kiss on the cheek and you say, “Ah.”

Or you can imagine a handsome boy gives you kiss on the cheek and you say, ”Oh.” Because the Spanish word for boy is chico.

So a fun day was had by all. It started out badly at the piscina because of the pee problem.

But things got better on la playa, when la chica gave a kiss on the cheek.

And there you have it, amigos.

Let’s see if the memory masters method worked for you.

Do you know what the Spanish word piscina means?

And do you know the meaning of playa, chica, and chico?

I’ll bet you do.

You can check the answers in the P.S.

You might even remember the meaning of the Spanish word pan.

It’s bread.

As they say in Spanish, Es pan comido.

That literally means it’s bread eaten but it’s like saying it’s a piece of cake.

You’ve probably never seen this mnemonic method used to teach Spanish before, but it’s one of my 4 proven systems for anyone to learn Spanish faster at any age.

You can put the power of mnemonics to use right away with the third component in the Shortcut to Spanish package on the link

As you’ll see in Shortcut to Spanish, we go beyond what you learn in this email. I’ll let you in on a few of my additional mnemonic multiplier secrets, coming soon.




Piscina = pool
Playa = beach
Chica = girl
Chico = boy

Here’s the link again to Shortcut to Spanish. Check out the third component in the package.