Recently I shared a popular lesson called 3-chord Spanish.

If you missed 3-chord Spanish it’s on this page:

I compared communicating in Spanish to communicating with music. You can say a lot with just a little. The soundtrack to our lives is mostly made up of 3-chord songs.

Since I wrote the 3-chord lesson I have discovered a musician I freakin’ love.
He proves you don’t need much to express a lot.

He’s 73 years old. He didn’t even start recording until he was 65. And he rocks harder than anyone I’ve ever seen, not to mention a senior citizen.

He’s got more energy and stage presence than the current pop stars could ever dream of.

And yes, his songs are 3-chord wonders. Why would you need a fourth chord?

Who needs 6 strings? His guitar only has 3.

His passion, emotion and life energy burst forth from those 3 strings like an Acapulco sunrise.

Today’s over produced hi-tech, soulless garbage can’t compare. That’s why he’s become a sensation.

He’s got more energy, intensity and authenticity in his little finger than today’s stars such as Justin Timberlake will ever have.

He plays with fire, passion and energy… and he’s a guy in his seventies. He makes today’s 20-year-old rock stars look like wimps.

He communicates through music because he has a story to tell and his life force burns brightly.

You may be learning Spanish because you’ve got something to say, things to do, and a lot more life to live. If so you’ll understand the connection and why I love this guy.

Sea (that’s a hint) who I am talking about here: