Fútbol is a subject guaranteed to spark a passionate conversation with just about any red blooded native Spanish speaker. That’s why I have a special audio lesson to get you into those conversations.

This Sunday Spain takes on Italy in The final of the European Cup 2012.

España es el campeona actual del mundo y de Eurocopa.
(Spain is the current world and European champion.)

If they win on Sunday they will become the first team ever to complete a triple of the European Cup, followed by a World Cup win and then another European cup.

Like many things in the Spanish-speaking world their style of playing futbol is full of flair and panache

They are one of the few teams that play an attacking style.

A win on Sunday might be just the inyección de animo (morale boost) that Spain needs after all the bad news about their economy lately.

I am a little torn. My dad is Italian, so a part of me wants to say

Forza Italia

En cambio (on the other hand) for their flair, style and attacking play, I also want to say,

Viva España.

A la hora de inicio del partido (at the match’s kick off time) I’ll find out where my passions lie.

During the last World Cup Elena and I created some special Spanish lessons. The vocabulary is still relevant, except for the word Mundial (World Cup). If you are chatting with your friends just substitute Eurocopa.

Although the lessons are about fútbol, you’ll use everyday Spanish patterns that build fluency. Even if you’re not into fútbol it’ll still help you communicate.

And if, like me, te gusta el fútbol (you like the fútbol) then you’ll love being able to chat on this subject.

Start talking fútbol with the audios below:

Here’s your Fútbol lección de español, Parte Uno

Right Click here to Download the Audio – – El Mundial 101

Here’s your Fútbol lección de español, Parte Dos

Right Click here to Download the Audio – – El Mundial 102