Have you ever seen the cartoon cliché where the cowboy and his horse slowly sink into quicksand?

My kids think it should be called “slowsand,” not quicksand, because that cowboy always takes a while to sink.

Sometimes things are misnamed.

Koala bears are marsupials.

On the outskirts of Mexico City there is a parque nacional (national park) called desierto de los leónes (the desert of the lions).

It’s a forest not a desert and there are no lions… afortunadamente (luckily).

I was in a bookstore recently and saw a book called “The Quick and Easy Way to Master Spanish Verbs.”

“Great!” I thought.

I’m always looking for new ideas.

It turned out to be neither quick nor easy.

A better title might have been “The Slow and Painful Death of Your Spanish Dreams.”

There are plenty of books like that, extinguishing people’s passion for language.

I am so thankful for the revolutionary discoveries I stumbled upon that have been making my students’ dreams come true for the last 11 years.

These techniques allow anyone to speak Spanish at any age.

You don’t need the knowledge of grammar of someone with a PhD in linguistics to speak Spanish.

However, if you want to enjoy the freedom of speaking Spanish conversationally with your amigos…this is your answer.

And getting there is much easier than you imagine.

My new program, “How to Go from Failure to Success in Spanish,” is the perfect stepping stone to a new Spanish adventure.

You can speak Spanish without a shadow of a doubt – I personally guarantee it.

And it is available for a ONE-TIME payment of just $7.

That’s NOT a misprint.

For just seven bucks, you can FINALLY begin speaking Spanish…even if everything else you’ve tried has failed
you in the past.

Escaping the Spanish quicksand

Get out of the quicksand and start speaking with your amigos here:

Escaping the Spanish quicksand

Marcus “El Escapista” Santamaria
Spanish Communication Coach

P.S. I like having fun with my signature. El Escapista means The Escape Artist.

Let me help you escape from the Spanish quicksand. You’ll start speaking your first flowing sentences within minutes.

Escaping the Spanish quicksand