Poverty like this makes you cry.

I‘d made friends with some poor Mexicans. Very poor! They invited me to their house in Tijuana for dinner.

The neighborhood was cut into the side of a hill that would never get building approval in the first world.

And the houses…

It took me back to childhood seeing them.

Not that I ever lived in a house like that. The chickens did.

That’s what the house reminded me of… chicken coops. Strung together with bits of scrap and wire. Foundations made of old tires.

Mi amigo David is very hard working and industrious. He is rising above that circumstance. His house doesn’t look like a chicken coup. It’s still rugged but his house is the best in the neighborhood.

He is making a better life for his kids. They are delightful.

One day his daughter, Sandra, was showing me her homework from school.

It was like a flow chart of steps in a sequence.

I asked what it was for, she said, “Computación” (computer studies).

Just one problem: they don’t have computers in the class.

She was studying how to use a computer on paper. She had to make diagrams on how to use programs like MS word and Excel.


How the heck can you learn anything about using a computer by writing on paper?

You see a lot of vain efforts like that in Mexico.

It’d never happen here.

We don’t do stuff like that.

Our society is more advanced.


Check out the language classes at the local high school. They are almost as pointless as Sandra’s clase de computación.

They are trying to learn something alive with a method based on studying something that’s dead.

The methods come from the days when Latin was a compulsory subject.

Studying Latin was an academic exercise. The classes weren’t designed as a way to speak to people in their own language. After all, have you met any ancient Romans lately?

Kids in high school don’t have a choice. They are forced to endure this archaic style of language classes.

You have a better option.

You can choose speak a vibrant living language with 420 million native speakers.

You can break free of the living dead zombie class.

You can stimulate and develop you mind to new levels. You can speak two languages and move confidently and freely anywhere Spanish is spoken.

You can make friends, travel, do business or live in a Spanish speaking country.

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Living Spanish Beats Dead Latin