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Mexican men should be ugly she said

Serenades still sometimes happen in Mexico.

We got woken up one night by una serenata under la ventana de nuestra vecina (our neighbor’s window).

My wife thought it was so romantic. A real life vision from the time of sus abuelos (her grandparents).

The girl didn’t seem pleased though. She just stayed inside. She didn’t even show her […]

Rant in Spanish like a millionaire

One of the best and highest paid soccer players in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal.

Recently he was complaining that opposition players always hack him down with fouls. According to Ronaldo he gets no protection from the referees while other players are carefully watch after.

Then he added, “por ser rico por ser guapo […]

Spanish Quiz

I’ll bet this tricks you.

Here’s a very quick quiz,

Warning: It’s not as easy as it looks.

In fact, if you get more than 5 out of ten correct, you’ll be doing well.

How many of these very common Spanish phrases do you know? Grab a pen and translate these ten phrases:

  1. cuando mucho
  2. quiere decir
  3. más bien
  4. cómo no
  5. más allá
  6. no tiene que ver
  7. todo el mundo
  8. cuanto antes
  9. costar mucho trabajo
  10. de nuevo

It’s a good bet that you know every individual word on the list, but the meanings of the phrases will surprise you

Let’s see how you did?

Remember your target is to get more than five out of ten correct.

So, if you get 6 or more correct, bien hecho (well done).

Ok, you didn’t peek right?


An Unknown Comprehension Killer

“You can know every word in a sentence and still not understand”

That’s what the coordinator said to me when I was teaching English in Mexico to post graduate students.

You know what…

She was right, it can happen.

But she believed lack of comprehension was always about grammar and I believed it almost always about words.

You see, if […]

Más despacio por favor

At times Spanish just seems to fly by so fast.

The average is 4 words per second and sometimes it seems like some people speak even faster than that.

rat at tat tat

A machine gun volley of Spanish words flying at you so fast you start to feel lost.

What can we do?

Can anything be done?

Yes, there is […]

Problems with Spanish

Quite a few people asked if I would be able of help them with dealing with Spanish spoken quickly.
The answer is yes, large sections of the audio newsletter will be dedicated to training your ear for Spanish. You’ll learn to understand everyday Spanish, the way people naturally speak and express themselves, and you’ll learn to […]

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