Hace un rato (a while back) I wrote a post about the Beatles’ failure in Spanish.

Beatles’ failure in Spanish.

The post includes an interesting story about the Beatles getting rejected, a video of them singing Bésame Mucho (kiss me a lot) and a translation of the Spanish lyrics.

It generated some interesting comments on my blog.

“An interesting story, a lovely song and some nice intimate new words.”

“Now I can learn the words and practice singing this lovely song in Spanish.”

“Isn’t Spanish a beautiful language? Just like its people.”

“As usual, Marcus, your approach is original amusing and thought-provoking.”

But one comment from Randy really stood out. It was about an even better version of the song.

Better than the Beatles?

Better than Los Panchos?

De veras? (Really?)

I checked it out and I have to say I agree with Randy de todo corazón (wholeheartedly). This version by Cesaria Evora beats the Beatles and punches Los Panchos.

See if you agree:

Besame Mucho transcript