As I mentioned in an earlier article, “Why is Spanish so much like English”, many English Words can be turned into Spanish words by making very small changes.

On that blog post you can download 6 categories of Spanish words that give you 1066 Instant Spanish Words.

The IDAD category is mi favorito.

You can change most English words that end in -ITY into Spanish by changing -ITY to -IDAD.

For example:

Necessity = Necesidad
Opportunity = Oportunidad
University = Universidad
Similarity = Similaridad
Hospitality = Hospitalidad
Possibility = Posibilidad

If Spanish is una necesidad, this gives you la oportunidad and la posibilidad to speak Spanish without going to la universidad.

When I discovered this similaridad between Spanish and English it gave me hope.

At a time when I was really struggling with Spanish…I felt like I had tried every course, textbook and method I could get my hands on.

None of them helped me speak Spanish.

Some even left me without hope.

I had recently married una Mexicana and I desperately needed to speak Spanish.

I had moved to Mexico and my social life, career opportunities and self-esteem were in the dumps.

I knew there had to be a better way…

I kept digging.

Luckily, I discovered that the problem was NOT with me.

Most Spanish courses simply used poor methods that don’t work for adults in real life. They taught the language in the wrong order for an English speaker. It was out of sequence and made it almost impossible to speak Spanish.

They were teaching Spanish based on methods designed to teach Latin.

You know Latin…

…the language of the Romans.

Have your spoken to any Roman centurions lately?

Me neither.

I didn’t want to speak to ancient Romans. I wanted to speak to my new Mexican family and my Cuban, Spanish and Columbian neighbors.

I wasn’t interested in boring academic exercises. I needed to speak real-life Spanish as soon as possible.

In my search I discovered patterns in the Spanish language I could use instantly. Even though I was a middle-aged English speaker, these parts of the language came to me as intuitively as if I were a kid.

And finally, I could communicate with Spanish speakers.

Each new pattern I added to my repertoire multiplied what I could say.

You can say a lot with just a little.

It doesn’t take long for you to speak enough Spanish to get by.

Spanish can start flowing out of your lips in just a few days or weeks instead of years, if you follow a sequence that comes naturally and easily to English speakers.

My introductory training shows you exactly how to start your Spanish flowing.

You can speak Spanish.

I’ll prove it to you here.

I found the way and I’m delighted to share it with you. Soon you too can enjoy the thrill of speaking freely in Spanish.

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