English is strange!

Spanish makes more sense.

In English, noses run and feet smell.

Shouldn’t the feet do the running?

And the noses do the smelling?

In “inglés” (English) we also “throw” fiestas (parties).

And when we have a birthday, we “turn” years.

“I’m going to ‘throw’ a party because I am ‘turning’ 50.”

In Spanish you can’t “throw” a party. You can “throw” a streamer at the fiesta (party), but you can’t throw the fiesta.

And in Spanish you don’t “turn” 50 either.

(Sometimes I’d like to “turn around” from 50 back to 49, but it can’t be done.)

This audio tells you how you “turn” a certain age in Spanish (53 in my case) and celebrate it by “throwing” una fiesta.

You’ll speak in flowing sentences that can start a Spanish conversation about your party for your next birthday.

The speak-to-learn system on the audio will have you using authentic real-world Spanish about throwing parties.

Plus, you’ll be able to tell people how old you are “turning” on your next birthday.

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