Your first challenge in moving in the Spanish speaking world is to make yourself understood. We can get you there in record time with Synergy Spanish.

But once you get in the game you’ll find there’s a new challenge. Spanish speakers speak really quickly.


It takes a while for your ears to catch up and get used to the speed at which they speak.

If you’ve been around Spanish at all, I know you’ve experienced this problem.

Don’t worry you’re not Robinson Crusoe.

I too battled for years trying to keep up with fast Spanish.

In fact, one of the most common requests I get is, “please help me develop my ear for Spanish”. I’ve even spend a couple of years researching and developing Ear Training lessons

but that’s not why I am writing to you today.

You see as I was developing my ideas for an ear training program, I experimented with several concepts and wrote a bunch of lessons. It turned out that some of the lessons didn’t fit in with the final Spanish Ear Training concept.

Yet, they are wonderful lessons that expand your understanding of Spanish.

I could sell them and people would happily pay for them, but I decided to give them away.

Find out why I’m give them away and how to get them here

Marcus Santamaria

P.S. One of the reasons Spanish seems so fast to out ears is that so many Spanish words end in vowels. That allows them to roll together in one long word/sentence, for example…



P.P.S Click here for the gift lessons.