Have you ever heard the old exercise adage, “no pain no gain”?

That won’t work for speaking Spanish.

If there’s pain…

Tarde o temprano (sooner or later).

You’ll give up.

Here’s a better exercise adage…

Consistency beats intensity.

A little push each day and before you know it, it’s stunning what you can achieve.

I used to be as stiff as a board. I couldn’t touch my toes.

Then I started stretching. Now I bend at the waist and put my hands flat in the floor.

Consistency beats intensity.

So many people are wound up and tight, their minds are contorted like a pretzel.

They’re bogged down in confusing academic theory that shuts their brain down.

Even basic sentences are hard work.

If they let the daily torture go and embrace what comes naturally with Spanish,
they would be free and flexible…

Enjoy the language.

Make friends.

Travel and have fun.

Even move to a Spanish speaking country.

It doesn’t matter you age or past experience.

All it takes is a little practice each day and you can open the floodgates so your Spanish flows.

After a few days Spanish starts rolling.

In a month, your Spanish flows freely.

Soon you’re at home anywhere Spanish is spoken.

All you have to do is start and follow the path.

“Consistency beats intensity.”

And all it takes is following a system that helps you speak to learn instead of learning to speak.

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