I just received this email from one of my students in New Zealand.

As I was born on the other side of the ditch (the ditch being the Tasman sea) I was chuffed to hear from a Kiwi.

In the USA I used to joke “I am an Australian, living in Mexico, teaching Spanish to Americans.”

I am proud to say these days my students are from more than 40 countries.

Here’s the feedback I received from una estudiante in the land of the long white cloud.

Hola Marcus

Finding Shortcut to Spanish and then your Synergy Spanish , Informal Spanish and the many free lessons you make available was a life saver – it is the most awesome way to learn a language.

I am 65 and last year I went to South America for 4 months travelling and volunteering.

After 8 weeks of a Spanish night class i.e. one class a week, where we only got few chances to speak I had learned just enough to order a beer and not much more I knew I needed to do much much more.

A brief search of the Internet turned up your course and with your try before you buy sample lessons I knew I had found a great gift.

The difference in your course to many others was that it started at a totally basic level which is just what I needed and you are so encouraging.

I liked the way you didn’t start with lots of grammar or verb endings which I had bumped into and my heart had sunk with the enormity of the task.

For me the repetition of the words with sufficient time to remember what I had to say was great i.e the audio – some other courses had too little time to marshall my brain and do the repetition.

I liked the range of the course – the audios were awesome – the repetition was great – the revision in each session was grand. I also liked the way you built the lessons up to three chord sentences. I enjoyed the flip cards and related easily to your little catch phrases and the work book was excellent.

In the days before my trip I was always plugged into my MP3 player doing the house work, travelling by bike or car listening and saying the words and phrases out loud.

When I went to South America I just used the Spanish I had learnt. People were really happy to help and I could make myself understood. I did lots of travelling on my own.

Some of my conversations with people in markets in Ecuador and Bolivia are my fondest memories.

People couldn’t believe that I had only learnt Spanish for thee months.

I really liked the encouraging emails that came from you almost weekly with funny interesting and useful information.

It is true that 138 common basic words give you a vast range of useful phrases. I so liked it that you have built a course that gave me the building blocks in a structured way of a new language. I have recommended your course to many people including our correspondence school .

I very much appreciate that you make the course available at a very affordable price and thus make a contribution to the world.

Kia Kaha ( Maori for stay strong and go well )

Kindest regards

Jan Nisbet
New Zealand

Synergy Spanish