There are many amazing sights in the Spanish speaking world. This one is in the top five on my Spanish bucket list.

Timing is key as you have to time your visit just right as it only happens twice a year.

Tomorrow is one of two chances you get each year to witness this amazing event.

If you are lucky enough to be in Chichen Itza mañana, you’ll see a 10-story snake slither down the side of a pyramid.

Si Dios quiere, (God willing) I’ll get to see the shadowy serpent before I kick the bucket.

Maybe I’ll see you in Chichen Itza on the equinox one year. We’ll witness a feat of Astronomical genius.

The Mayans had no calculators, telescopes or computers.

Yes, I know I’m “Captain Obvious”! But imagínate (just imagine) what they achieved without any of today’s technology.

¡Es increíble!