Speak Spanish with Mnemonics Episode #1

Discover a simple change that sets you free from confusing academic theory.
The simple system makes it easy for anyone at any age to start speaking
Spanish in daily life.

Shortcut to Spanish Gives You Everything You Need to
Start Speaking Spanish in The Shortest Time Possible

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In addition to Shortcut to Spanish, you’ll also receive the Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations Course FREE when you take action today.

These 16 additional video episodes will have you speaking friendly informal Spanish in just 2 ½ hours. It is ideal for multiplying your conversations with amigos, children, or relatives.

“I now have more confidence when speaking to my husband’s family”

“I live in Menorca with my Menorcan husband and I have found this course very helpful. I have now been on the island for 6 years and have always had difficulty in creating Spanish sentences. Your course has helped me to understand the language better than anything I have tried before, and I now have more confidence when speaking to my husband’s family.”

-Mandy Peacock (Spain)

“I had almost given up learning Spanish. Your style has inspired me once again. I have found a new confidence in speaking the language”

“I had almost given up learning Spanish I found, trying to learn all the verbs straight from a grammar book, difficult and was finding it increasingly hard to keep my motivation up. Your style has inspired me once again and I am enjoying it very much.

I’m only spending 30 minutes a day with your course and each time I come away feeling I learn something every time, and best of all I have found a new confidence in speaking the language! Thank you so much for giving me my motivation back.”

-Trudy Britton (UK)

“I already find myself realizing that I can actually put sentences together”

“Thanks……your course is WONDERFUL ! I have researched and bought numerous Spanish courses over the years and yours is the first I have found to be truly ‘user friendly’.

I do have some basic knowledge and vocabulary under my belt…..but have never been able to converse in Spanish. After only reading the first few chapters of your course I already find myself realizing that I can actually put sentences together.”

-Kathy Davis (USA)

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“I was speaking Spanish with all of my old Cuban friends in no time”

I must say Marcus…YOU ARE A GENIUS! I called one of my friends in Cuba last night and just blew them away. It was an awesome feeling!

Once you get the basic formula down, everything is smooth sailing from there. I just needed someone to lay that formula out for me in a simplified manner. You couldn’t have made it any easier. Again Marcus…you are genius! YOU ROCK!

Rachael wrote me again a couple of months later to tell me how delight she was with her success communicating in Cuba.

I thought I’d let you know how fantastic I did on my last trip to Cuba. I could not wait to test out everything I had learned with your course. I was a little hesitant at first but once I had a few Pina Coladas, I was speaking Spanish with all of my old Cuban friends in no time. They did correct me on one or two things but were very, very impressed. I had visited with them only two months ago and knew nothing but “hola, si and gracias”. They were thrown right off! I was even translating for the tourists downtown, it was great!

I felt all tingly inside whenever I had finished a whole conversation in Spanish. My Canadian girlfriend who came with me, just sat back in awe. Wow did I feel good. I have no one else to thank but you Marcus. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Racheal Smith

“After spending hundreds of pounds/dollars learning Spanish, I have found that the methods you use yields far greater results”

…. after spending hundreds of pounds / dollars on other methods of learning Spanish, ie Traditional Language courses, books, even expensive private tutoring, I have found that the methods you use yield far greater, and more importantly, lasting , memorable results………

Dave Buckingham

“If we had had that text in school all of us would be speaking Spanish by now”

Marcus It was more than I expected and my Spanish is so much the better for it. I really think you did a great job and interestingly you managed to have that sense of ‘humaness’ throughout. I felt like you were there with me encouraging me on. you are right it is quite a departure from the usual textbook fare which require such Herculean effort with less result.

I am from Jamaica in the Caribbean and if we had had that text in school all of us would be speaking Spanish by now.

Meridian Kohler

“Your course has convinced me I’m not hopeless after allI just finished the first level of Shortcut To Spanish, and it was outstanding”

I have tried everything from Barron’s, to Spanish Now, to Spanish is Fun, to Speed Spanish, to Berlitz, and even the Idiot’s Guide to Learning Spanish, to name a few. Your course has convinced me I’m not hopeless after all.

I learned more from your course than any of these others, but what’s more, I am able to retain the information and put into practice thousands of sentences I never thought I’d ever be able to speak. I’ve always loved Mexico, the Spanish language, the culture, their people, but only now am I able to truly embrace them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Elaine Lopez

“I’m living proof that it’s effective, easy, enjoyable, unforgettable, user friendly, and most importantly, quick”

I live with a friend who is from the Dominican Republic, and it gets very frustrating not being able to have a proper conversation with him, but that was before I saw your work.

I am visiting the Dominican next month and I feel I’m going to be confident enough to converse with people and have more fun.

I want to thank you so much for making such an easy way to learn Spanish, but not only that, in a fun way too, Thank you once again, you are a true legend.

Tim wrote again 3 weeks later, delighted to be making solid progress and communicating with his Spanish speaking sister in-law for the first time

I speak to my sister-in-law online in Spanish now, whereas before we were not able to communicate properly at all which was very frustrating.
Tim Thomas

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Everything You Need to Start Speaking Spanish in The Shortest Time Possible

Here’s what you get.

I have put together a package of 3 integrated Spanish learning resources to cut your learning curve to the bone.

Resource 1

“Shortcut to Spanish” the Action Guide to Learning Spanish Fast

The “Shortcut to Spanish” Action Guide shows you how to use 31 categories of instant Spanish words. The easiest 3013 Spanish words you’ll ever learn.

It also includes 132 Mnemonics of Spanish Power Words and Power verbs for maximum Spanish communication in minimum time.

You know, speaking Spanish is not just about words, I want you to speak flowing Spanish in the real world. That’s why, I guide you step-by-step to put it all together in fluid Spanish sentences.

Your Spanish ability expands as you combine resource 1 with the next resource…

Resource 2

31 Interactive Audio Lessons for Clear Spanish Speaking

There’s no listening and repeating words like a dumb parrot, instead you’ re learning on a much deeper level. You interplay with the audio and start to think in Spanish. Once you add this audio component your Spanish really starts to take off. Best of all, the audio is an exciting and enjoyable part of the course. You’ll find it thrilling to speak more and more Spanish with every lesson.

Real-world Spanish conversation awaits you.

Resource 3

Your Own Personal Spanish Coach

Email support; after you download or receive your home delivery, if you are ever stuck, have any questions or are scratching your head, just send me an email and I will answer your burning question. I am your personal Spanish coach.

This is a very special bonus. I am sure you understand that I can only offer this resource to a limited number of people and I can’t guarantee that it will be available if you wait until tomorrow.

Class with private tutors cost up to $50.00 a session.

If you go to a Spanish speaking country to learn the language you could easily spend $2000.00.

Bonus Resource

Bonus – Double Your Spanish with Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations

The 16 lessons in Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations will have you speaking friendly, warm, social Spanish.

You’ll always speak this Spanish with kids. It’s also perfect for speaking with your close friends. When you become closer to people, you’ll use it to show them your warmth, intimacy and friendliness.

As your Spanish gets better and you start receiving more social invitations, you’ll use even more of your informal Spanish. If you at a fiesta with your new amigos, you’ll speak to them with your informal Spanish.

The Bonus is the perfect addition to give you a sense of confidence and freedom to speak Spanish in every situation.

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Spanish courses with less useful information charge 10-15 times more. I know because I bought most of them. Yet, if I found a course that would actually work I would gladly paid 100 times the price of this course.

This course works. You’ll finally get to speak Spanish and if you don’t I’ll give you a full refund.

Speak Spanish of Speak Up Guarantee

guaranteeHere’s the boldest guarantee of any Spanish course. Use the course for 60 days. If you don’t finally speak real-world Spanish and you are the sole judge, return the course and I’ll give you an immediate refund. No questions asked.

If you order the download version, you can’t return a download right…that doesn’t matter. If the download version doesn’t get you speaking Spanish the way you want, let me know by email and I’ll give you a complete refund.

That’s how confident I am you’ll finally speak Spanish.

Marcus Santamaria

In just a few moments you can have everything you need to start speaking Spanish in the shortest time possible. The course has a 100% no hassle guarantee, all you have to do to get a refund is say “I want a refund”.

It’s time to finally speak Spanish, just click either link below to get started.

Shortcut to Spanish Gives You Everything You Need to
Start Speaking Spanish in The Shortest Time Possible

PLUS – 2 For 1 Limited Time Offer

Looking forward to helping you finally conquer Spanish.

Marcus Santamaria

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