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Speak Spanish with Extra Confidence in 2021

Beware of Spanish speakers today.

Don’t lend them money.

Check that the sugar is sugar, not salt.

Double-check the time on your watch.

Hoy es día de los inocentes.

They always get me on the money.

“Marcus, me puedes prestar 50 pesos?” (Marcus, can you lend me 50 pesos?)

Por supuesto! (Of course!)

Then they pocket the money and laugh.

Día de los inocentes is like April Fool’s Day in the English-speaking world.

The word inocente in Spanish means innocent, but it also means naïve.

Y los inocentes como yo (and the naïve ones like me) always get caught.

Not this year!

This year I’m ready.

Are you ready to speak Spanish with your amigos this year?

There’s always fun to be had in the Spanish-speaking world,

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Speak Spanish with Extra Confidence in 2021