This free Spanish audio lesson is ideal for anyone who…

– Is over 40

– Is convinced they aren’t good at languages

– Has taken courses and still can’t string a Spanish sentence together

– OR lives in a Spanish-speaking country and still can’t have conversations in Spanish with their amigos.

If you know someone like this, please share this free audio lesson. They’ll appreciate the favor!

Or feel free to enjoy it yourself…

The audio is ideal for a novice. They’ll start speaking with flowing Spanish after just a few minutes.

It proves anyone can start speaking Spanish at any age.

It’s also ideal for anyone who has stalled with textbook Spanish and minor points of grammar, like indirect object pronouns vs. direct object pronouns, etc.

This audio won’t stall anyone. It does the opposite.

It creates momentum.

It has you speaking to learn instead of learning to speak. That will inspire any listener because it is encouraging, motivating, and exciting…

Bust through a roadblock and realize you really can speak Spanish at any age.

Here’s the free audio:


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Here’s the video version: